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Directorate of Financial Resources

  • Implementing laws, decisions and financial regulations that ensure control of the expenditure of the Board’s funds and collection of dues.
  • Participating in the development of the general budget of the Board and following-up the approval and implementation in accordance with the approved items of finance and administrative affairs.
  • Assisting other directorates in making financial estimates for their annual needs in a professional manner.
  • In coordination with the Budgeting committee, compiling the budgets of each of the Board's directorates with the annual budget and submitting them to the Board.
  • Preparing the annual concluding financial statements and related reports.
  • Implementing general budgets of the Board and maintaining financial records.
  • Reviewing financial documents with regard to expenses and revenues and make financial adjustments after verifying their validity.
  • Preparing reports on balances of various accounts and claiming the Board's accrual.
  • Providing data on the financial situation of the Board in terms of income and expenditure.
  • Archiving financial documents electronically and manually.

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