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A.General Requirements


1.       The manufacturing plant should be registered within the board's registry, a copy should be attached.

2.       The Cosmetic Products with the same specifications should be registered and freely sold in the country of origin, and if not please give justifications.

3.       A copy of a valid local agent license (License A) should be submitted.

4.       A copy of the agency agreement from the Commercial Registration Department – Ministry of Justice should be submitted.

5.       The application form should be filled by the applicant (this form is available at the website of the NMPB).

6.       The registration dossier should be complete and include all the required correct documents in Arabic and / or English language.

7.       Samples should be submitted.

8.       The prescribed fees should be paid.

A.     Specific Requirements

The registration file submitted should be as it has been prepared by the manufacturer, as hard or soft copy and should include the following fundamental documentation:

1.       The application form.


2.       Free Sale Certificate (FSC)

(FSC) should be original and issued by the competent authority in the country of origin authenticated and stamped by Sudan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

FSC should state the name of product, name and address of manufacturer, and that the product is freely sold in the country of origin with the same name and composition formula.


3.       Composition formula

Provide complete composition and quantitative formula (percentage) for active and inactive ingredients of the product with justification and purpose of use for each; in addition to CAS No. and colouring materials, issued from the manufacturer.


4.       Artwork

Provide artwork for the inner and outer pack and the leaflet (if included within the product).


5.       Provide one sample of the product.