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Relation and Media Unit

  • Receiving newspapers and other media representatives and provide the required assistance to them within the limits allowed by the system of the Board and maintaining contact with them to provide them with Boards news.
  • Following-up what is published or broadcast about the Board and presenting it to the officials and prepare necessary responses to what is contrary to the right.
  • Addressing rumours and false news that some may publish about the Board.
  • Preparing a daily press file and following-up what is published about the Board and present it to the Secretary General
  • Providing the Board with the daily newspapers.
  • Preparing for celebrations and events as well as providing the necessary hospitality.
  • Providing all the requirements for holding conferences and symposia from official sponsoring, support, protocols, supervising the processing of theaters, roses, gifts and shields, distributing invitations to target audiences and placing posters for all events.
  • Receiving foreign delegations and arranging their visit.
  • Carrying out the necessary procedures for the travel of Board’s staff.
  • Creating and developing strong relationships with relevant stakeholders.
  • Coordinating the Board’s communication with the various relevant bodies and arrange for mutual visits between them.

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