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Directorate of Training and Capacity Building

  • Participating in the preparation of the annual training plan of the Board in cooperation with the Directorate general of Planning and other directorates.
  • Supervising the implementation and organization of approved training courses.
  • Supervising training conduction to monitor its impact on performance depending on the nature of the work and in accordance with the strategy of the Board.
  • Reviewing the training reports in comparison to the plans set by each directorate and in line with the objectives and strategy of the Board.
  • Participating in identifying the capabilities, competencies and basic skills of the employees of the Board.
  • Participating in identifying the training needs of the employees at each directorate in coordination with the directors and based on the job description.
  • Assuring the compliance with the standards of trainees’ nomination to join the approved training courses.
  • Reviewing training programs with specialists on regular basis to keep abreast of changes in the work environment.
  • Ensuring the efficiency of the training bodies that the Board is dealing with them.

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